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Veteran-Owned, Innovative, e-Learning Company

Teachermerit.com is a veteran-owned, innovative, e-learning company serving customers in over 17 countries. Founded in 2021, we are a U.S. company located in Mobile, Alabama. We are the first choice for individuals who want to build a successful online school site.

Our mission is to support all content creators by eliminating technological barriers in setting up their online school site and providing business development, marketing and advertising education.



We support you every step of the way. You won't be left alone!

Yara Loua

Hi. I’m Yara Loua

For more than a decade, I’ve helped hundreds of individuals such as teachers, trainers, content creators, consultants, entrepreneurs and coaches build a successful online school business.
I’m a U.S. Army veteran with expertise in instructional design, learning management system and eLearning development. I will be glad to help you launch your first online school business. Let’s connect on LinkedIn.

I also run an online school business where I teach people how to trade the U.S. stock market. I will share with you tips and strategies to grow your online school business.  I will make sure you have everything you need to succeed as an online school business owner.


Our values



When you want to create, market, and sell an online course, there is no better way than to arrange it with us. We are the #1 online education platform for teachers and content creators (including instructional designers, eLearning developers, artists, musicians, consultants, coaches, trainers, etc.). Many of our subscribers are overwhelmed with students/members/clients who want to buy their online courses or digital contents.


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If you could get paid for a skill you have, something you are good at, or an expertise you have, or even a hobby of yours, what would it be?

You may decide to:

  • Sell an online course.
  • Sell an eBook.
  • Get paid for answering questions.
  • Sell lesson plans.
  • Sell digital content such as music, audiobooks, videos, etc.
  • Offer membership site.
  • Create an online school.
  • Offer online tutoring services, etc.


Why teachers and content creators almost always choose Teachermerit.com?


  • We offer personalized customer services based on your exact needs and wants.
  • We support you every step of the way even if you are not tech-savvy and you have never built or sold an online course before.
  • We provide you with the easiest to use online course platform where you can easily upload your SCORM package.
  • We provide you with free coaching in instructional design, copywriting, marketing and advertising of your online course or digital product.
  • We provide you with ready-to-use course templates, marketing, and email templates; we even build your sales page and create stunning videos for you. Enjoy our variety of free resources in our eLibrary.