Switch to our LMS & Get Six Months Free

Switch to our LMS & Get Six Months Free

With Teachermerit.com, all your online school challenges are solved. We help your business cut costs without sacrificing any quality and we make sure that your online learning and teaching experience is engaging, efficient and effective.

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Here's What You Need To Transform Your Online Training

A very complete, easy-to-use , safe and fully adaptable LMS solution crafted for all types of organizations and learners. Receive world-class technical support and affordable premium online education solutions based on Innovation & Experience.

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An LMS that focuses on ease of use offering thoughtful ergonomics favoring a minimum of clicks to carry out an action. Create engaging online courses supplemented with a series of tools to promote learning

Organizational tools

Calendar, list of events, Outlook import, session planning.

Survey tool

Creation and management of surveys and reminders on unfilled surveys.

Monitoring and reporting tools

Activity reports, progress, complete statistics, etc.

Content import and export tools

Scorm, AICC, IMS / QTI...

+ 20 educational tools

Forum, Wiki, Glossary, Quiz, exercises ...

Skills management tool

digital skills badges, research, skills wheel, etc.

Creation of exercises

Many types of questions, creation of question bank, quiz, Hotpotatoes, QTI2 import, Aiken and Excel import. 

Tool for creating a "Learning path"

Easy to create by dragging and dropping content.

Internal social network

Personal profile, messaging, chat, social wall, relationships, display
of skills ...

Course catalog

Allocation of opinions, descriptions, course sharing, course sales ...

Custom certificates

Creation and allocation of custom certificates, etc.

Virtual class

Secure and fully-featured video conferencing.

Immersive learning

360 ° videos, virtual reality VR MP4.


Course sales module via Paypal, Stripe and others.

And all the new features

Positioning test, work signature tool, etc.)

Transform, empower and inspire learners 

Teachermerit.com is an industry leader in providing online learning solutions globally. For more than 10 years, we've helped leading government agencies, corporations, universities, and nonprofits achieve their online training and learning goals by developing educational software solutions, creating online courses, deploying and hosting learning management systems and creating online training materials.

A Large Community Worldwide (21M+ users)

E-Learning & Content Management

Organize And Automate Your Training. Use Tools For Managing User Info, Scheduling, Alerts, Messages, Delivering Content, And More.

Performance Tracking & Certifications

Analyze Users' Performance And Learning. Manage And Track Whether Employees Have Completed All Requirements And Generate Reports For Auditing.

SCORM Compliance &

Incorporate Third-Party Content Without Any Duplication Or Recoding And Arm Your Organization With A Variety Of Security Filters And Administrative Tools.

Skills Management

Use the skill wheel to find which learner can claim a particular skill. Easily create and assign digital skills badges to reward learning. You will have a simple and practical module for editing and managing skills.


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